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ACTIVATE. is a progressive training
course that helps you build your
mind:muscle connection, fire up
your muscles and move with control.

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MEET holly

If you're anything like me you hate inefficiency and wasted time. You're not afraid to work hard, but you expect maximum results from your time and efforts. Especially when it comes to your sweat.

I'm a personal trainer and online coach with a passion for doing things right, and leaving things better than I found them. I think my parents taught me that and they're like the best people ever.

When I'm not working out or training clients I'm traveling, visiting family, hiking or playing outside. Fitness is a necessity for me to do everything I love, and keeping things efficient helps make sure I'm not wasting a workout minute. Ya girl's got goals -- and you do too! I see you daring to step into your ideal life and I'm here to help you get there. ASAP.

let's get it!

"Dream like a kid, execute like an adult."

-Holly Olp
Self-quote extraordinaire

Mindful movement.

Programs like ACTIVATED. and my personal training focus on mindful movement and body awareness. The stress on being deliberate and focused helps you get WAY MORE out of your workout and see results faster. 

Deliberate choices.

My online challenges and accountability groups help my clients choose well because they want to, not because they have to. We focus on our pinterest-worthy dream lives and begin to step into that life with each choice we make. Literally, we live the dream. 


Mindset work was the missing link in my training early on, but since adding it in (for myself and my clients) our collective success has increased dramatically. We reserve time each day for personal development and use our body's rest days as our mind's push days.

THE WORD on the street

Holly is an Amazing trainer! I'm probably not the easiest trainee, as it's hard for me to commit to one thing and she helped me morph two programs/styles of fitness together to create a plan that I would not get bored with. She knows her stuff and is a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend her!!

-Chelsea R.

I have been training with Holly for about a year now and I couldn't have asked for a better trainer. She is very passionate and committed to helping her clients achieve their goals. She designs each session differently whether it's inside or outside so it works all parts of the body and it is always challenging and never gets boring. She has helped me strengthen a weak hip muscle that I had been aving problems with for a couple of years and the pain has significantly decreased since I started training with her. 

-Ashley B.

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