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MEET holly

I'm a multi-passionate girl with a lot of hobbies and loves... but the most important thing if you're on this site is how they all add up to what I define as my best life. For me that includes hiking, painting, ice hockey, my family, my boyfrann, traveling, working out, and spending time with my coach tribe and online fit friends.

In 2014 I had a major life overhaul that kicked me back into gear and turned me back into the girl who loves all the things I just listed. I went from letting life happen to me to really living again, and it started with consistent workouts. My fitness journey began with home workouts and a group of online fit friends and it really woke me up to finding my true self, setting goals and stepping into a life I'd been saving on Pinterest. 

Fast forward 4 years and I'm working in a field I love and can never grow out of, and I help people every day. I still have a lot of goals I need to hit, but I'm a heck of a lot closer than I was when I was standing still!!!


Efficiency, systems and getting the most bang for your (energetic) buck. Sounds like a weird thing to love but honestly it's true: having a plan for my workouts, strategy behind my goals, and using smarter tools and tech are my jam. I think working smarter not harder is super inspiring fuel for my goals. I'm no guru and no IT girl, but I love me a plan, a program, strategy, and tech that make achieving them easier. (Which is why you shouldn't ask me about my On Demand workout library if you're not ready for a passionate pitch on fitness strategy). 


I need to know WHY we do things because I like to know I'm doing thing efficiently and the best way possible (see passions, above). I think my training style reflects that because I like to give my clients little glimpses into the method behind my madness and reasoning for what I ask them to do.
As for my fitness business -- this is one of the reasons I LOVE what I do. In my former life I worked as a PR girl, copywriter, and even an analyst, and outdated systems and methods drove me nutty. I was always asking my bosses why we do things a certain way and "it's how we've always done it" doesn't cut it for me. In this line of work I make the rules and can edit/tweak/update my strategies as necessary, which I think makes me a better coach, more passionate about my work, and really is my way of leading a good example of stepping into my best life.


I've been told I'm calming and have a lot of patience, which I think makes me a great trainer -- especially when it comes to developing something intangilbe like mind:muscle connection. For each person that journey is different and each person starts in a different place. It takes a lot of patience to help guide people the right way (which is also sometimes the slower way) to their ultimate goals. I'm big on working smarter not harder, and sometimes that means slowing down and taking a step back so you can take two steps forward. 


I'm relentlessly optimistic. I truly believe for every challenge or difficult thing in life, something good comes from it. I naturally come up with "at least x, y, z" thoughts and putting a positive spin on things comes easily to me. Don't get me wrong, I struggle, have negative thoughts and self doubt too... but I'm pretty darn good at looking for the good and finding it. When I struggle (and usually it's when I'm self-reflecting) I have some awesome rituals to spin my mindset and think positively and optimistically about myself too. I teach these things to my online groups and clients all the time because I think being optimistic just feels good :) 

Helping 20 and 30-somethings step into their Pinterest-worthy lives. If your ideal life includes travel, living healthy, loving your meals and daily activities, being active, going on adventures, being wildly successful and super self-confident... I'd love to help you start living that dream today.

I truly believe everything starts with fitness and you can start right meow. In my training, online fitness groups and with my coach peer tribe, we practice adding in ideal-life activities each day, changing our attitudes and our story through mindset work, and living out that life in our nutrition and fitness habits daily. The rest just seems to fall into place with consistency and an environment of growth. 


Letting people down.

Success - and then losing it.

Those bugs with a million long legs that look like hairballs.

Being unprepared.

Wasted time.

Roller Coasters.

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