How you move, matters.

Your time and energy are valuable, and so are you. That's why getting the most out of your movement is essential. 

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I see you crushing your other goals. You're successful and really good a lot of things... but fitness is an area that needs a little work. Maybe you were an athlete in your former life but even you have a hard time believing it now. Maybe it's been ages since you stepped into a gym. Maybe your personal trainer has been Pinterest up until now. Either way, you're ready to start moving.


Most people skip right to chapter 2. They start working out on their own without deliberate, controlled movement and waste oodles of time with inefficient workouts. They show up and sweat, but the results take forever (and only if they stick around!)


This course is designed for the busy but goal-getting. 

The people who want to work smarter, not harder.

The ones who are willing to practice patience and start with a strong foundation because they want massively productive workouts and faster results in the long run.

The ones who want to stick with it long term and are driven by results.

ACTIVATED. is not a training program. It's the foundation you need to do your program right.



Have the confidence to start any workout program knowing you did the dirty work and built a solid foundation first. 


Build your mind:muscle connection so you have better body awareness and can recognize good form and bad form, know when and how to adjust your body, and where your areas of focus should be.


Master your body so you can control your movements and find your flex. Learn to squeeze way more results out of every minute of movement.

Here's What You'll Learn

These fundamentals are the juicy stuff that helps you squeeze more out of each exercise.

  • How to find neutral spine and brace your core
  • How to activate the often-inactive muscles of the glutes to avoid back pain and pelvis tilt
  • How to brace your core while moving other parts of your body
  • The one exercise you need to do before ever single lift
  • How to find and activate the posture muscles you've been neglecting
  • Key stretches for posture improvement
  • Movement & control patterns that are essential to begin a workout program and avoid injury

What does ACTIVATED. include?

  • Four self-paced progressive training modules that guide you through essential movements
  • A private Facebook community for ACTIVATED. members only, with direct access to Holly for Q&A and guidance.
  • Weekly opportunity to submit videos for form review and guidance.
  • Mind:Muscle connection journal prompts to help establish focus on where and what you are feeling in each exercise.

Does your workout include any of these?

Squats & Lunges

You need proper stability of your back and core to do these exercises safely... but with body awareness you can also decide if you want more booty or leg focus. Having control gives you choices, and choices help you get the best results for YOUR body. 

Rows & Curls

When you're doing these right you might almost feel them in your abs just as much as your arms or back! But you have no business doing either if you can't perform the exercises in module 1 first. Ain't nobody got time for injuries, ya dig?

Twists & Tilts

As if squats, lunges, rows and curls weren't enough, imagine changing your range of motion or end position, adding movement and weight shifts to the mix. Simply put, you have no business moving on to the multi-planar movements without mastering solid control standing still first.


The training in these modules encompasses 3-5 weeks of work with my one-on-one clients. At $70 an hour at the gym, you're getting the same foundation for a steal because I want more of the world to move with purpose.




4 Progressive training modules

Private Facebook Group

Weekly Form Review

Mind:Muscle Journal


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4 progressive training modules

Private Facebook Group

Weekly Form Review

Mind:Muscle Journal


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