Easy No-Time Skincare Routine

beauty busy Jan 26, 2020

Let me first say I try to be very conscious of NOT glamorizing busy. Life should have room to breathe. Busy doesn't always mean effective. I believe in stopping to smell the roses. 

But man, right now? I am freaking BUSY. I bit off more than I can chew between renovating a house on a deadline, needed to recertify for my personal training cert, the hussle of a new year in my online coaching business, a full time job in tech, part time training and teaching fitness classes, and a few events I committed to on weekends. Boy oh boy it feels like... a LOT.

I know I'm not alone though. Go getters have a way of overcommitting sometimes, and all of you learning to add a whole new aspect of health and wellness into what already feels like a full agenda can certainly bring on some growing pains. So I wanted to share with you something I KNOW you'll appreciate! A hack I've found to up my skincare game without adding any time to my schedule.

I'm going to preface this with a short...

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What Four Years of Fitness Failing Taught Me.

Uncategorized Oct 02, 2018

Let's travel back in time to about 2013. Four years post graduation. Four years of being a "real person." And consequently, four years since I had a regular workout schedule. 

I played hockey in college and we had practice three times a week and off-skates practice two times a week. I had a coach to tell me what to do, and a group of girls around me (aka peer pressure) to finish every drill and not slack. I graduated in 2009 and when my freedom, relatively low financial responsibility and Wednesday nights at the club flew out the door... so did my workout routine. 

In those four years between 2009 and 2013 my mantra was "really should." As in, I really should workout. 
I really should cook more meals at home.
I really should lose some weight.
I really should join a gym.
I really should [insert unhealthy habits here] less, and I really should [insert healthy habits here] more.

And I tried. For a day here and there. I'd pick up a  30-day squat challenge I found on...

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FREE Mini HIIT Workout

Uncategorized Sep 17, 2018

Fitness is more fun with friends, donchya think? It's also more fun when you know that you're making progress and positive changes.

I'm part of a 12-Week online fitness group and this week we're working on HIIT workouts. in case you don't know, HIIT means "High Intensity Interval Training" and basically is a quick workout with short, intense bursts of work with brief periods of rest in between. Sounds tough? That's because it is! But it's also super effective. In fact, unless my clients are training for a race, I would prefer they did HIIT exercise vs. long, endurance cardio sessions.

We're talking getting the same calorie burn as an hour of treadmill jogging -- but in 15 minutes. We're getting off the machines. Ending the slow and steady cardio. And really challenging our hearts. Wanna try?


P.S. If you can't jump or perform any of these, MODIFY!! Just do an easier version of the move but don't stand still. The secret is to moving with intensity - and your intense might look...

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How to Use Mindfulness As Your Secret Weapon

Uncategorized Aug 27, 2018


Tune into this live coaching episode I recorded on Facebook (P.S. go like my page here for more live training!) all about mindfulness and how you can use it as your secret weapon for your fitness goals. 

First, let's start out by talking about Mindfulness. What is it even?

In short, it's awareness without judgement. It's being in the moment and super tuned in to what's happening. It's a practice of avoiding distraction and being present. 

In exercise, that awareness helps you get more out of your workouts and get better results by really feeling and executing each movement effectively. The more mindful, the better your workout. 

So, how do you actually apply mindfulness to your workout? Here's 5 ways that are sure to give you more results from every workout minute:

1) Have a purpose or intention.
Enter your workout time with a purpose and goal in mind. Hone in on what you are working on, what you'll accomplish or what you'll get out of that particular...

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Eat the damn doughnut.

lifestyle nutrition Aug 02, 2018

Health coach here telling you to eat the damn doughnut.

Seriously. I once spent way too much money on some "healthy" doughnuts that were packed with protein. Had 'em shipped to me from some business I found on Instagram and I was so pumped that I played the system.

they. were. awful.

Not only that, but there's zero chance they were even actually heathy. They came with little tubs of mini reeses and cinnamon toast cereal as toppings and the frosting was actually just frosting. >>> Just because it's got protein in the name doesnt mean it's inherently good for you!

Seriously. There's so much out there now like "protein cereal" and "protein pancakes" and "protein ice cream" and it's time we STOP using protein as an excuse to eat junk food. Do you even need more protein in your diet, bro? 

If you're going to eat junk food, just own up to it! Own it, savor it and move on. Stop trying to healthify everything. I'm all for smart choices but sometimes ya gotta just eat the damn...

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