How to Use Mindfulness As Your Secret Weapon

Uncategorized Aug 27, 2018


Tune into this live coaching episode I recorded on Facebook (P.S. go like my page here for more live training!) all about mindfulness and how you can use it as your secret weapon for your fitness goals. 

First, let's start out by talking about Mindfulness. What is it even?

In short, it's awareness without judgement. It's being in the moment and super tuned in to what's happening. It's a practice of avoiding distraction and being present. 

In exercise, that awareness helps you get more out of your workouts and get better results by really feeling and executing each movement effectively. The more mindful, the better your workout. 

So, how do you actually apply mindfulness to your workout? Here's 5 ways that are sure to give you more results from every workout minute:

1) Have a purpose or intention.
Enter your workout time with a purpose and goal in mind. Hone in on what you are working on, what you'll accomplish or what you'll get out of that particular workout. 

2) Really think through each movement and focus on where (exactly) you are feeling it.
Try to focus on the exact muscle fibers you are working, focus on holding form and make sure you are feeling it in all the right places (and NOT in any of the wrong places). Tune into your body so you can really pinpoint what you're feeling where and use it to help you fine tune your form.

3) Focus on your breath and the flex of each move.
You don't have to tune out and clear your mind to be mindful - you are focusing on the moment so use something like your breathing to keep you centered and focused. Not only will it help you stay centered but it will help you get more out of each movement with proper breathing techniques. (hint: breath out during the hard part, breath in during the rest, breaks or easy parts.)

4) Stay in the moment during your workout.
Time will pass anyways so fully commit to the time and know that everything else will still be there when you get done. Don't worry about the clock or rush. Worry about getting the absolute most out of your assigned workout so you can move on. A half-ass, distracted workout is more of a waste of time than anything! 

5) Practice a mindful cooldown.
Reflect on how you feel after your workout. Focus on the good things like how you're breathing, how great and accomplished you feel, and how alive you feel after having just worked out. Use that to reinforce how good you feel after working out so you remember it next time you don't feel like working out! 

Have more questions? Comment below! If you want help knowing how to focus on form and practice more mindful movement, you'd love my course ACTIVATED. which is a progressive training course delivered in 4 video modules, at your own pace. To find out more and enroll, please visit


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