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Uncategorized Sep 17, 2018

Fitness is more fun with friends, donchya think? It's also more fun when you know that you're making progress and positive changes.

I'm part of a 12-Week online fitness group and this week we're working on HIIT workouts. in case you don't know, HIIT means "High Intensity Interval Training" and basically is a quick workout with short, intense bursts of work with brief periods of rest in between. Sounds tough? That's because it is! But it's also super effective. In fact, unless my clients are training for a race, I would prefer they did HIIT exercise vs. long, endurance cardio sessions.

We're talking getting the same calorie burn as an hour of treadmill jogging -- but in 15 minutes. We're getting off the machines. Ending the slow and steady cardio. And really challenging our hearts. Wanna try?


P.S. If you can't jump or perform any of these, MODIFY!! Just do an easier version of the move but don't stand still. The secret is to moving with intensity - and your intense might look different than mine. And that's A-OK!

P.P.S. Wanna workout with me? My online group fitness coaching goes down monthly and I save 10 spots for new clients each month. To apply, please fill out this form.


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