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How you move, matters.

Learning how to activate, hold, stabilize, fire up and turn off specific muscles is the foundation of an effective workout.

And most people are missing out.

Learn the four exercises I require all of my clients to master in order to progress their fitness routine and see real results.

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Squats & Lunges

You need proper stability of your back and core to do these exercises safely... but with body awareness you can also decide if you want more booty or leg focus. Having control gives you choices, and choices help you get the best results for YOUR body.

Rows & Curls

When you're doing these right you might almost feel them in your abs just as much as your arms or back! But you have no business doing either if you can't perform these 4 exercises first. Ain't nobody got time for injuries, ya dig?

Twists & Tilts

As if squats, lunges, rows and curls weren't hard enough, imaging changing your range of motion or end position, adding movement and weight shifts to the mix. Simply put, you can't move on to the multi-planar movements without solid control standing still.


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